a Little Info

Ming Tien LEE (Andy) is a art photographer who currently resides in Taipei City TAIWAN. he discovered his interest in photography at an early age. Each image captured by Andy emanates with his distinct visionary and personality style characterized by a perennial stream of classic retro, artistically adept, visual pieces.

" Happiness Dora " is inspired by a friend's name; DORA meaning a gift, from Greek. also is meaning a blessing from Andy's works for you.

拾起單眼相機拍照, 是在我高中時期, 為了滿足自己的油畫創作上取材的需求; 可能是我的成長環境與經歷使然, 我的作品風格總是喜歡偏向於西洋古典走向, 當然, 我也認為這是沒有規範必要的, 我無時的在增進吸收對於影像, 以及處裡影像的能力與知識, 這是我生活上的興趣之一, 總之, 我就是喜歡拍照. 若你喜歡我的影像作品, 那我們就有一起工作的可能, 我深信是可以有所幫助的.